NTL-top-100-member-sealAttorney Steve Graham has been fighting and winning assault jury trials since 1994. He is a former prosecutor, and has won as many as 7 jury trials in a row. With over 20 years experience as a criminal lawyer, you can be assured that you will receive the best defense possible from a top criminal defense lawyer. Mr. Graham is frequently asked for comment from esteemed publications as the Wall Street Journal and the Seattle Times.

An assault charge can turn your world upside down. The police often fail to consider both sides of the case, and do a rushed investigation. They fail to consider issues such as self-defense, and mistaken identity, and the background of the case such as the relationship between the parties.

Attorney Steve Graham

Former Prosecutor and Assault Defense Lawyer

homepageMr. Graham is a former prosecuting attorney with a comprehensive understanding of our system of justice. We know firsthand how prosecutors develop assault cases against citizens suspected of criminal assault. He is prepared to stay ahead of the prosecution through identifying violations of your rights, contradictory statements, and improper investigatory techniques.

If you have been arrested or charged with assault, it is critical you obtain legal guidance at once. At the Law Office of Steve Graham, our lawyers will act quickly to create an effective defense strategy. We will meet with any eyewitnesses to understand the events before the alleged assault occurred. Our firm will develop a strategy around self-defense, if you were in fear of your life, or if you feared bodily injury.

Our defense lawyers will also point out any weaknesses in the state’s evidence or contradictory information from the plaintiff. Our assault defense attorneys will analyze the prosecution’s case from every angle possible.

Cases We Defend

D.V. Assaults, Protection Order Violations, No-Contact Order Violations, Restraining Order Violations, Harassment, Threats, Malicious Mischief

Domestic Violence

D.V. Assaults, Protection Orders & more
Our law firm defends Fourth, Third, Second, and First Degree Assault in Seattle and throughout King County

Assault Charges

Fourth, Third, Second and First Degree
Our firm handles self-defense reimbursement cases

Self Defense

Self Defense Reimbursement Cases


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